I’m a product owner, design leader, manager of creative teams, and deliverer of better. 

I work for the business, designing and launching products, and on the business, improving quality, efficiency, costs, engagement, and appeal. My work and the work of my teams is in use by millions of people every day, and our innovations have received several patents.

In my two decades of design experience I’ve built mobile and web applications, medical software and medical devices, and home networking and smart home electronics. I’m especially interested where the physical and virtual meet: What it is like to get a new product out of the box, accomplish its physical setup and have it respond to you, how the product and its materials lead you into the software operations needed to get it working completely, how that software looks and behaves, and how you know that it is doing good work on your behalf, day after day.

As Senior Director of Product Experience I'm well-ensconced at Belkin but always curious about what else is out there. I'm currently looking after Linksys and Wemo and supporting the User Experience and User Interface Design, Industrial Design, and Mechanical Engineering teams as we make excellent products in home and small-office networking, secure KVM, networked cameras, and smart home. I live to help people succeed; I'm at my best when I am helping.